Matt and Marie | Hocking Hills Engagement

One of the best parts of my job is getting to go on a mini-trip in the middle of the week and calling it "work." When Matt wanted to go to Hocking Hills to take engagement photos in the middle of February, I thought he was crazy. Ohio in February can only be described as brown. But I trusted him as I like to do with anyone and it turned out to be incrediably green and the most perfect weather. I know Matt and Marie well, we've been good friends for awhile now and I'm the Maid of Honor in their wedding (woo hoo!) I know their faces well, maybe too well, because the only way I know how to make them laugh is a good crinkled nose, squinty eyes laugh (french bull dogs eating cheese puffs). Luckily they know what they're doing in front of and behind a camera so they looked great anyway. 


Matt is also a talented videographer, you can check out his work here!