Brian + Britt

Perhaps the sweetest thing about Brian and Britt's wedding was all of the thought that they put in to include others and to make it a special day for not only themselves but also for their families.

When Britt's parents got married they didn't have a first dance so Britt surprised them with one following her and Brian's. Brian's twin brother and best man spoke with love of not only Brian and Britt but also of how Britt's family welcomed him into their family along with Brian. Britt's brother Dustin got up and gave a speech, thanking Brian for being his brother and "taking him wherever he wanted to go." I don't think there was a dry eye during his speech, it was so touching. 

Getting to know you Brian and Britt has been so fun and meaningful. Thank you for welcoming us into your family on your wedding day and for continuing to be such a wonderful couple. We wish you the very best and we know that your life together will be filled with fun and happiness. 

Jessica and Vivek

We photographed and videographed Jessica and Vivek's wedding over 3 days in mid-October (I'm pretty late on blogging!) They had a wonderful Mehendi ceremony followed by a  Nalangu ceremony and ended the weekend with a Catholic Ceremony and reception at Centennial Barn. 

Jessica and Vivek's family, some who came from as far as Singapore, surrounded them with love all weekend. They're such a sweet and happy couple and it's easy to see how much they love each other.

2018 Favorite Photos

Today is our last wedding of 2017. 

To round out the year I thought I'd share some of our favorite images. This year was great because we had the awesome opportunity to meet a lot of new people and create a lot of great work. I feel like this year has represented the biggest change in my own work. My vision is a bit more clear and finding my favorite light is less intimidating and more of a beautiful search. 

We are so thankful for everyone that allowed us to tell a bit of their story this year, we love each and every photo that we took this year.


Emily and Davey | Wedding on the Ohio River

Emily and Davey's wedding was particularly special to me because Emily is my cousin! At weddings we always love helping out, Joey has zipped and buttoned more wedding dresses than anyone can probably imagine and I've pinned on a lot of boutonnieres! At this wedding it was even more special because the wedding was so family oriented. 
Emily's cousin and aunt made the most beautiful floral arrangements I've ever seen and everyone helped set up such a beautiful wedding.

Emily has always been the happiest person I've ever known. She's the first one to give anyone a hug and she can make anyone smile their brightest just by saying hi. Davey is sweet and kind. Their son Jamie was the ever sweet ring bearer and Marcella played a beautiful flower girl.
We loved every minute of Emily and Davey's wedding day and we are so happy that we got to be the ones to tell the story of their wedding day!